BrynnaBrynna Carpenter Nardone is an artist, art-educator, and writer about Christian spirituality and the creative process. She has been teaching drawing, painting, and sculpture for over twenty years. She designs, writes and draws for her church’s quarterly journal, attends St. Bernard’s School of Theology and Ministry, and Holy Ground, a program for forming spiritual directors.

At around the turn of the millenium, Brynna experienced an artist’s block. With the help of a mentor, she began to write about her process as she experimented with sticks made from natural pigments, oil and beeswax. Through writing, Brynna found that the sloppy and resplendent qualities of her medium and the process she developed around it were metaphor for how she saw herself. In abandoning herself to her process, Brynna was able to make an autobiographical series of paintings, which led to a solo show.

In recent years, tick-borne disease provided Brynna with new opportunity for abandonment. While at her most ill, Brynna found something of which Thomas á Kempis wrote in The Imitation of Christ: her desire for the Giver of gifts was greater than her desire for the gift of healing. Now in writing her blog about her faith, art, writing and healing, Brynna is sketching her life-process – with its’ sloppiness and resplendence – for herself and others.

Brynna and her husband, Joseph Nardone, their two children, cat, dog, and bees share a backyard pizza oven and a basement full of sketchpads, paintings, sculpture, fermenting sauerkraut, and wine-making and vermi-composting equipment.